The Guardian, Cif Belief: So macho, too macho?

The leader of the Christian party, which opposes homosexuality, made his money writing gay disco anthems

Now he’s a guest on the BBC’s new religion and ethics programme, Sunday Morning Live, it is hard to believe that the Reverend George Hargreaves , Pentecostal minister and leader of the Christian Party, spent 15 years as a leading light in the British pop industry, working with such typically eighties acts as Yazz and Five Star. Hargreaves’s party promotes a raft of right-wing policies, including restriction of abortion, outlawing embryo research and instituting mandatory Christian religious education in schools. As they have also called for “the end of the promotion and teaching in schools of homosexuality as a family relationship” it is surprising to learn that during his music career Hargreaves wrote that perfect slice of gay euro-pop “So Macho” for the teenage pop princess Sinitta…

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