The New European: A Year in Music

Weekly column for the award-winning The New European, the voice of the 48%

Issue 53, 13-19 July 2017: INCENDIARY SUMMER WHICH CHANGED MUSIC. The heatwave of 1976 has become a mythologised chapter in British history. But, says Sophia Deboick, when the weather broke, music would never be the same again.

Issue 54, 20-26 July 2017: BRITPOP: A REVOLUTION DRAPED IN A UNION FLAG. Blur versus Oasis, the rise of New Labour, and a flood of nostalgia – 1995 was a heady year in music and politics. Here Sophia Deboick relives the year British culture found a new confidence.

Issue 55, 27 July-2 August 2017: EUROPE ON THE EDGE OF TOMORROW. The music, culture and politics of 1880 offered Europe a taste of the future. Here Sophia Deboick explores the beginnings of modernity.

Issue 56, 3-9 August 2017: THATCHER, DISASTERS AND STOCK, AITKEN AND WATERMAN. The hit factory of Stock, Aitken and Waterman is famous for bringing us Kylie, Rick Astley and a whole new way of sugar coating pop. Sophia Deboick remembers 1987, the year music in Thatcher’s Britain was spun right round.

Issue 57, 10-16 August 2017: ROCK LOSES ITS INNOCENCE. Beatlemania sweeps the US, the Rolling Stones take things even further and Top of the Pops first appears. Sophia Deboick on 1964, the year rock’s strait lace started to come undone.

Issue 58, 17-23 August 2017: SEX, SCANDAL AND THE FIRST EVER POP STAR. Life still seemed genteel and lighthearted, but darker forces were not far from the surface. Sophia Deboick on 1936, a year which saw old certainties eroded, and the emergence of a performer with a claim to be the first ever pop star.

Issue 59, 24-30 August 2017: HOW THE INDUSTRY STOPPED FIGHTING AND GOT REAL. 2007 was the year the music business finally got to grips with new technology, Tony Blair quit and Amy Winehouse’s troubles became painfully clear. Sophia Deboick looks back at a pivotal 12 months.

Issue 60, 31 August-6 September 2017: ELVIS, CLIFF AND THE BIRTH OF BRITISH ROCK AND ROLL. 1958 was the year when rock and roll gripped the nation, prompting some to ask of a young Cliff Richard ‘Is this boy too sexy for television?’ Here Sophia Deboick explores when the teenager truly arrived in Britain.

Issue 61, 7-13 September 2017: GLAM BRITANNIA. In 1972 Ziggy played guitar, Marc Bolan hit his stride and blokes across Britain made nervous moves towards their sister’s make-up bag. Here Sophia Deboick rediscovers glam Britannia.

Issue 62, 14-20 September 2017: ODE TO JOY: SOUNDTRACK OF THE AGES. From the Die Hard films to the Proms, via Rhodesia and Tiananmen Square, Ode to Joy has been one of the most malleable pieces of music ever written. Sophia Deboick traces its varied history back to 1824, its year of creation.

Issue 63, 21-27 September 2017: GRUNGE GOES SUPERSONIC. Grunge arrived, pop got saucy… and Bryan Adams outstayed his welcome. Sophia Deboick on 1991, a year marked by the changing of the musical guard.

Issue 64, 28 September-4 October 2017: SYNTH, SKA, SHAKIN’ STEVENS AND SHADDAP YOU FACE. Sophia Deboick looks back on 1981, a year of riots, a royal wedding and plenty of musical innovation.

Issue 65, 5-11 October 2017: POP’S BIG BANG. Sophia Deboick on 1911, a year in which the last lingering cobwebs of Victorianism were blown away by a new sound.

Issue 66, 12-18 October 2017: THE YEAR MUSIC TRIED TO CHANGE THE WORLD. When it comes to music, it doesn’t get much bigger than 1967. Sophia Deboick on a momentous year.

Issue 67, 19-25 October 2017: ROCK AND ROLL, REBELLION AND RIOTS. Sophia Deboick looks back on 1952, a year which saw the first stirrings of a new sound and a new character – the teenager.

Issue 68, 26 October-1 November 2017: MUSIC’S TURN TO THE DARK SIDE. Sophia Deboick on 1970, a year that heard the death knell sound for the hippie era, and saw rock culture take an ominous, sinister turn.

Issue 69, 2-8 November 2017: JAZZ TAKES CENTRE STAGE AS U.S. GOES TO WAR. As the slaughter of the Great War intensified, and certainties that had preceded the conflict faded away, an imaginative and rebellious spirit emerged. Sophia Deboick looks back on 1917, a year when the world hung in the balance.

Issue 70, 9-15 November 2017: THE YEAR OUTLAWS TOOK OVER COUNTRY. A sterile-sounding genre is revived by an injection of illicit creativity. Sophia Deboick on 1975 and the musicians who put the soul into rural America’s music.

Issue 71, 16-22 November 2017: POP IN ITS POMP AS A NEW AGE DAWNS. 1985 was a year when pop showed off its global consciousness and when metal fought censorship and goth unfurled its wings, says Sophia Deboick.