The New European: A City in Music

Weekly feature for the award-winning The New European, the voice of the 48%

Issue 155, 1-7 August 2019: SONGS OF FREEDOM (Berlin). Sophia Deboick kicks off a new feature, looking at the musical history of a different city each week. First an examination of Berlin’s remarkably creative heritage, from Dietrich to Depeche Mode, with many in between.

Issue 156, 8-21 August 2019: COUNTRY CITY (Nashville). The spiritual home of white America’s very own music genre, Nashville is country music. But it’s not always been all about rhinestones and 10-gallon hats as Sophia Deboick reports.

Issue 157, 22-28 August 2019: SOUNDS OF FREEDOM (Tehran). Music in Iran provides a challenge not just to the authorities but to our perceptions of the country, says Sophia Deboick.

Issue 158, 29 August-4 September 2019. STEEL CITY SOUNDS (Sheffield). A city with a musical pedigree to match any, Sheffield is still producing acts that could not have come from anywhere else, as Sophia Deboick reports.

Issue 159, 5-11 September 2019. THE FONT OF FLAMENCO (Seville). Few cities possess as intimate a connection to a musical style as Seville, Sophia Deboick reports.

Issue 160, 12-18 September 2019. CHORAL NATION (Tallinn). In the past, Estonians have literally sung for their freedom. And their capital city remains the crucible of this national pastime. Sophia Deboick reports.

Issue 161, 19-25 September 2019. THE HOME OF HYMNS (Salt Lake City). Mormonism is a movement with music in its soul, from its earliest days to the most modern sounds. Sophia Deboick reports.

Issue 162, 26 September-2 October 2019. SEOUL MUSIC (Seoul). The South Korean capital is known for its slick and boundlessly exuberant pop. Yet the ebullience belies a complex and dark history. Sophia Deboick reports.

Issue 163, 3-9 October 2019. FAVELA FUNK (Rio). From bossa nova to baile, the Brazilian city has always danced to its own beat. Sophia Deboick reports.

Issue 164, 10-16 October 2019. SPECIAL CITY (Coventry). Battered by the bombs and the collapse of its motor industry, the West Midlands hub responded with regeneration through sound. Sophia Deboick reports.

Issue 165, 17-23 October 2019. ROCK’S DEMIS GOD (Athens). He might have ended up as a byword for naffness, but Demis Roussos had taken an eventful and experimental route to get there. SOPHIA DEBOICK reports on the singer and other Greek greats.

Issue 166, 24-30 October 2019. CHANSON CITY (Paris). For centuries the French capital has been a centre for freedom of expression, a status that has produced legendary artists and venues. SOPHIA DEBOICK reports.

Issue 167, 31 October-6 November 2019. THE TUNES OF GABORONE. Botswana’s capital is home to a diverse musical culture, where traditional sounds infuse many genres – not least its thriving heavy metal scene. SOPHIA DEBOICK reports.

Issue 168, 7-13 November, 2019. CITY OF FUN AND FAKERY (Las Vegas). Musicians have always reflected the two sides of Vegas, the glitz on the surface and the pathos that lies below. SOPHIA DEBOICK reports.

Issue 169, 14-20 November 2019. SYMPHONY CENTRAL (Vienna). The Austrian capital’s somewhat stuffy image as the home of classical music overlooks the fact it has always been keen on celebration, says SOPHIA DEBOICK.

Issue 170, 21-27 November 2019. TEES-MADE TUNES (Stockton-on-Tees). It may lack the glitz of more renowned musical hubs, but in Stockton it’s the soul that counts, says SOPHIA DEBOICK.

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