The New European: A City in Music

Weekly feature for the award-winning The New European, the voice of the 48%

Issue 155, 1-7 August 2019: SONGS OF FREEDOM (Berlin). Sophia Deboick kicks off a new feature, looking at the musical history of a different city each week. First an examination of Berlin’s remarkably creative heritage, from Dietrich to Depeche Mode, with many in between.

Issue 156, 8-21 August 2019: COUNTRY CITY (Nashville). The spiritual home of white America’s very own music genre, Nashville is country music. But it’s not always been all about rhinestones and 10-gallon hats.

Issue 157, 22-28 August 2019: SOUNDS OF FREEDOM (Tehran). Music in Iran provides a challenge not just to the authorities but to our perceptions of the country.

Issue 158, 29 August-4 September 2019. STEEL CITY SOUNDS (Sheffield). A city with a musical pedigree to match any, Sheffield is still producing acts that could not have come from anywhere else.

Issue 159, 5-11 September 2019. THE FONT OF FLAMENCO (Seville). Few cities possess as intimate a connection to a musical style as Seville.

Issue 160, 12-18 September 2019. CHORAL NATION (Tallinn). In the past, Estonians have literally sung for their freedom. And their capital city remains the crucible of this national pastime.

Issue 161, 19-25 September 2019. THE HOME OF HYMNS (Salt Lake City). Mormonism is a movement with music in its soul, from its earliest days to the most modern sounds.

Issue 162, 26 September-2 October 2019. SEOUL MUSIC (Seoul). The South Korean capital is known for its slick and boundlessly exuberant pop. Yet the ebullience belies a complex and dark history.

Issue 163, 3-9 October 2019. FAVELA FUNK (Rio). From bossa nova to baile, the Brazilian city has always danced to its own beat.

Issue 164, 10-16 October 2019. SPECIAL CITY (Coventry). Battered by the bombs and the collapse of its motor industry, the West Midlands hub responded with regeneration through sound.

Issue 165, 17-23 October 2019. ROCK’S DEMIS GOD (Athens). He might have ended up as a byword for naffness, but Demis Roussos had taken an eventful and experimental route to get there. Sophia Deboick reports on the singer and other Greek greats.

Issue 166, 24-30 October 2019. CHANSON CITY (Paris). For centuries the French capital has been a centre for freedom of expression, a status that has produced legendary artists and venues.

Issue 167, 31 October-6 November 2019. THE TUNES OF GABORONE. Botswana’s capital is home to a diverse musical culture, where traditional sounds infuse many genres – not least its thriving heavy metal scene.

Issue 168, 7-13 November, 2019. CITY OF FUN AND FAKERY (Las Vegas). Musicians have always reflected the two sides of Vegas, the glitz on the surface and the pathos that lies below.

Issue 169, 14-20 November 2019. SYMPHONY CENTRAL (Vienna). The Austrian capital’s somewhat stuffy image as the home of classical music overlooks the fact it has always been keen on celebration.

Issue 170, 21-27 November 2019. TEES-MADE TUNES (Stockton-on-Tees). It may lack the glitz of more renowned musical hubs, but in Stockton it’s the soul that counts.

Issue 171, 28 November-4 December 2019. CLASSIC FINNISH (Helsinki). Classical music may have played a central role in Finland’s history, but so has classic rock.

Issue 172, 5-9 December 2019. SIEGE MUSICALITY (Saint Petersburg). The Russian city has not only produced brilliant musical talent but – amid the horrors of war – one of history’s greatest performances.

Issue 173, 10-13 December 2019. TREASURE ISLAND (Kingston). Jamaica’s capital not only gave the world one of its greatest music stars, it produced a sound that has taken root around the globe.

Issue 175, 19 December 2019-1 January 2020. LONDON’S CALLING. Never mind the musicians the capital has produced, Sophia Deboick concentrates on the songs it has inspired.

Issue 176, 2-8 January 2020. CITY OF PIPERS THAT CALLS THE TUNES (Edinburgh). Sophia Deboick on the sounds of the Scottish capital.

Issue 177, 9-15 January 2020. CAREFULLY KRAFTED (Düsseldorf). The German city has had a long association with elegance and fashion, and a more recent one with ground-breaking music.

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