Blog: Action Pope! Representations of John Paul II

A year ago today Pope John Paul II was beatified in a ceremony at Saint Peter’s Square, just six years after his death. Last month I visited both John Paul’s hometown of Wadowice and the Archdiocesan Museum of Cardinal Karol Wojtyła in Kraków during a trip to Poland

Cultural and Social History: Book Review – ‘Holy Motherhood: Gender, Dynasty and Visual Culture in the Later Middle Ages’, by Elizabeth L’Estrange

Examining late medieval depictions of birth and motherhood involving holy figures, especially those featuring Saint Anne (mother of the Virgin Mary) and the Holy Kinship (the extended family of Jesus), this study reassesses the nature of the female spectatorship of these images, focusing on a group of prayer books associated with the houses of Anjou and Brittany, and the women who used them. Posing ‘questions about genders, spectators, and reception’ (p. 8), this is an ambitious art-historical enquiry